Presented at the solo show MILUJI VECI, MLCENLIVE SOUDRUHY
Pitevna Gallery,
Masaryk University, Brno , CZ
20. 2. - 29. 3. 2019
curators: Petr Kamenicky and Marketa Zackova

This installation creates an environment for observation of the projection of pulsing  3d form. The projection is displayed throught
the room being displayed in multiple layers - on the surface of the see-though large object. The moving animation is being destorted by the curve form of torus. The last layer of the projection is cast on the back wall  and it is enriched by the distortion and seams caused by the vinyl object. 

There is obvious reference to the fenomena of black hole. The installation  is displayed in ephemeral setting, giving sense of zero 
gravity environment since all the moving pulsing layers of projected animation is floating in the space and can be observed as 3d form walking around.

There is also audio sound of interstellar plasma collected by Kepler space telescope.


photo: MIchaela Dvorakova