acrylic on canvas, augmented reality, 200 x 190 cm

The painting has a virtual elements displayed in augmented reality. These are  distorted 3d models of fragments based on the paintng itself,  growing in some parts out of the painting. The flat image turns into  an organic living form occupying its territory and inheriting its DNA through colors.

The image on which the painting is based, was developed in collaboration with artificial intelligence.  Starting data set was  sixteen photos with unrelated themes.  I crossbreed these images, edited their genes and let them have a lot of children. These were crossbred over and over.

The phantasmagoric outcomes had overwhelmed me. I could not make any sense of the relations between mutated images.  I decided to search for something in the picture. For light.

I breed images over and over to get to the one which met my unarticulated  expectation. The only navigation in this collaborative project between me and AI was intuition.

I decided to participate in this process with
my own creativity, with my own interpretation of the generated image.

I love the richness of associations induced.  There are unfamiliar objects arranged in a strange way. They are beautiful and maybe scary, they might be alive or already dead. Fragmented and reconfigured reality is beyond human understanding.

The image did not make much sense in its illusionary space. While painting I had to make an interpretation suited to my intuitive understanding of the image.

I see this project as collaboration. I was assisted by a machine. I chose traditional medium for its  necessity to find the human interpretation through the painting process of the intuitively found image. .