CT Scan, 3D prints chrome plated, digital renders
photo: Karin Zadrick

Nominated for the Czech Grand Design Award 2016

This project is based on the manipulation of CT scan of the human backbone. It was
digitally eroded to simulate natural process of decay. The backbone is the complete
object assembled from independent elements - vertebrae.

The very top one is called Atlas which is the name of Titan who holds the sky above
the Earth in Greek mythology. On the other end is Sacrum which is the term found in
Galen's medical books. The name came probably form the fact that this part of
the animal body was sacrificed. The ethymology of these words point at the significance 
of a human body in relation to a cosmological concepts.

I like the variability of arrangements. The backbone can fall apart to independent
elements. Made me think about the proportion of human body and its relation to
the endless eternity.

This project can be considered as a jewelry collection but as an sculptural object as well.

Great thoughts on the idea of the connection of a human body to the universe by scientist
Neil deGrasse Tyson:

Proposal for the Augmented Reality Project

As an oversize object it could be seen as something different than it is, human spine created from CT scan, but rather as a part of a nature, of the environment. The hidden part of the body crucial for our lives, is exposed and poetically translated to a living system. For AR reality I have created colorful surface so it renders well against the background. I would love to see the object oversize. The final decision would be done based on the place and technical limits.

Horizontal Position

The object could be for example on the surface of the water, dissapearing in the water a and emerging again. It would look as a weird creature swimming.…


Vertical Position

If the object placed vertically I would love to see them as a part of the nature, as a trunk of a tree…. People could walk around and look closer.
The upper part would be sort of moving in the wind, elements oscilating as a swarming bees or bird, assambling and falling appart into the sworm, levitating and moving around…..