collaboration with Veronika Lukasova

digital renderings
motion tracking  VEKVA System (Jiri Chmelik)

photo: Veronika Lukasova

What is the shape of the safe zone which surrounds the human body? How the boundaries
look like? I used the VEKVA System (Virtual Environment Kit for Visual Arts which records and
renders three dimensional trajectories of the movement through the set of optical cameras in 
real time (Jiri Chmelik) at the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University.

I was mapping personal space in various positions stretching my hands as fare as I
could in various position...standing, kneeing, sitting, laying. These visualized spaces
are ment to be shelters in public spaces to experience privacy. They can be also 
observatories for watching  the public space unnoticed from the safety of the minimal
space of the sculptural structure.

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