2018 - ongoing project

photos and digital renderings
collaboration with Veronika Lukasova

In this collaborative project we explore the possible representations of the Dark Matter.  This substance is a part of the Universe yet we know about this fenomena only from defining dark spots where is no emitted light. 

Humans need to assign certain sing to be able to discuss the subject be it a term , image or even a sculpture (as we can see in some other cultures).

We tried to conceptualize possible shape of the Matter. We can not confirm if this  a possible form of the Matter or not since there is no other representation to compare with.

The imagination offers new aspects of depictions which does not rely on science, since scientific theory can not determin objective representation due tolack of information.

We also placed the Matter formation into the familiar natural environmet.  These photos represent the quest for undetectable, untangible and invisible.