proposal for Zhangzhou International Sculpture Symposium
3D print, digital renders

In my proposal I am responding to the theme of fusing natural and urban environment. I tried to find the shape of natural formation. We admire the wrinkles on the surfaces of twisted branches and rootsrecording the movement and growth of an organic structure.

These formations were always the source of wonder for people, igniting imagination, being collected and kept as an exceptional objects. This human behavior can be seen in Western tradition and Eastern as well. In the Asian tradition even more articulated (Scholar’s Stones, concept of wabi-sabi). 

Sculpture mimicks aged tree trunk and has a proportion of human figure in the position of Atlas, who in Greek mythology holds the sky above the ground. 

I see the sculpture in a semi -reflective sky blue color.  It connects the Heaven and Earth visually, as a materialized cloud. The surface also reflects the environment, thus the sculpture is anchored to the ground.

3d printed model