Created during Digital Stone Project residency at Gramolazzo, IT
Photo: Joji Otani-Hansen

The design for DSP 2023 is a horizontal cut through egg-like form that looks more like a biological pattern. Inside is a complex system. I am referring to the merging of digital and biological systems.

The title refers to any hardware or software system within a biological component. One of the best examples is the human body.

The ovum (egg) is a symbol of immaculate conception, but we can also look at it  through today's science as a repository of  genetic information and its editing, etc., which presents various ethical challenges for the possible control of biological existence.

The internal complex structure will not be possible to achieve with robotic milling ormy handwork. It will not be possible to reproduce everything from the original digital file and it will be necessary to create a modified version that is viable in physical reality. 

A marble object  holds water, which I associate with a beautiful baptismal font made of stone. I  I'm trying to touch the mystery of life from a spiritual and biological point of view at the same time.
It also adds an illusion of flatness, adds slight movement of the water surface, reflected light  and caustic effects, There is certain unrealism manifersted through those optical challenges within a physical form in material.
This project The complex internal structure  in marble is  a hommage to a mastery of a marble
carving in history art, with its intricate undercuts, complex forms evoking translucency, lightness, shatering light in the intricate patterns. 

The section of the object is based on CT scan created in the preceding project Man-Made Secret which is further developed in this project.