collaborative project with Michael Rees
Installation at GASK (Central Bohemian Gallery, CZ), application for augmented reality (Milan Dolezal)
curator: Veronika Maresova
photo: Veronika Lukasova

Trans (Forma) / The Bone Phone installation at the Central Bohemian Gallery (GASK) explores how we understand the meaning of things and their interrelationships.  This was a collaborative project with Michael Rees.

The transparent model floating on the glass surface covering the historical pool resembles a model of a wormhole in which objects are theoretically broken apart transformed into energy passing through the dimension of time. The chrome-plated 3D printed objects connected to one another by black twine inside the sterile inflatable object are confronted with their virtual presence through augmented reality. 
Randomly selected virtual objects from the library of objects which grew out of the artists’ mutual communication through shared data emerge in constantly new constellations in their intangible form above the photographs from Kutna Hora placed on the surface of the inflatable object. Through augmented reality viewers who enter this space can manipulate and save virtual models that appear in this real space on the screen of their smart device.

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