mixed media
Created during Panta Rhei Residency at UTB Zlin, CS

The project refers to a Greek story about Midas, the king of Frigia, who, in return for hosting Silenes, the teacher of Dionisus, had his wish to come truth. He wished to turn everything he touches into gold. Dionysus had granted him his wish. Midas soon realized that he cannot eat and drink because everything turns into gold, even food and drink.

This project shows distorted reality through reflection and lenses in the installation. The golden objects multiply in reflections, images fall apart in distortions.

The installation consists of three objects: the working table with monitors. On the reflective tabletop  there are other see-through items duplicated in the reflection. This surface is some kind of interface between physical and virtual reality.  

There are hands laser-cut on the table surface symbolizing the touch, the haptic
sensation, but at the same time, these virtual hands are appearing when navigating in a VR environment where there is no tactile experience possible.The skin or body suits hanging over the installations represents the everlasting human desire for wealth.

The shopping cart is filled with a curved surface on which there is the ever-changing reflection of the golden phallus placed on the bottom  of the shopping cart. Its  procreative energy, the potentiality of reproduction is tamed in the cage of consumerism.

We live Midas' life. We can have desired items delivered to us. AI can 
preselect themes we might be interested in. Chatbots can replace human companions.
We do not need to be confronted by the strange real world.