digital renderings and animations


These images and animation I have created during the online workshop Creative and Artistic Use of Medical Imaginery with with Icelandic Haraldur Karlsson organiyeed by Vashulka Kitchen in Brno.

I had always interest in medical visualization since I was collaborating on digital facial reconstruction of significant historical persons based on CT scan of their remains.  In my project  Made-made Secret I CT scanned 3d print. During this workshop I starte to explore new 
visualization possibilities of medical data.
I am interesed in exploring of new visual manifestations which are beyond the recognition. The original data still are the underlaying foundation.

Brain molded into a shape of a tree trunk. Instead of annual rings there are folds of the organ. The tree trunk and the brain they are both memory/data storage.

Visualisation of parts of the backpack from scanning device.  The tray and some parts of the packed items are detectible but hardly recognizable. 
This bits of belongins are represented as bone structure layed on the disecting table ready for autopsy. 

These animation are created from CT microscans where the original meaning and legibility  of the visualisation is destroyed. Visual representation lost its connection to the object they represent.