This performance was iniciated by Adam Hruby, performed by Adam and me.

Pitevna Gallery
Brno , CZ
29. 3. 2019

In this performance we explored the existencial feelings of isolation and the impossibility to establish connection to other human being. Adam being inside the inflatable object was present, but excluded from interaction, encapsulated in hermetically iin the enclosed environment with limited supply of air.

Me being outside his habitat I tried to brake in. The interaction was impossible due to the vinyl wall.  We rolled Adam’s capsule around, viewers had to defent their spaces in the gallery by holding their hands against the see-through inflatable.
At some moments I could not breathe being under the plastics rolling over me and at the same time I worried about Adam’s limit oxygen amount inside the air-tide object.  

At some point I left. Adam was alone. At that moment the sense of loneliness was very heavy. He crowled into a passive position and stayed there until everybody left.

The performance was accompanied by improvised music by one of the viewers.