Jewelry collection for Denisa Nova’s fashion design A/W 2015 collection.

3d prints gold plated

photo: Karin Zadrick

Winner of the Czech Gradn Design Award / Best Jewelry Designer 2015

This collection is about the brutality and the deepest expression of a hopes
and dreams. It also talks about the preservation of a historical material and
historical memory.

Collection of jewelry called YOU ARE WHAT YOU WISH FOR works with the concept
of Milagros which is deeply rooted in Iberian and Latin American culture. These little
religious charms are expression of hopes and desires of the petitioner. The golden
body parts were created using 3D scanner and photogrammetry to create 3D digital
files of the closest members of my family (see  - My child). Digital tools let us work
with a 3D images which are charged with a lot of personal emotions and intimacy.
These are just like a photos of loved ones carried around in the purse.

Denisa Nova in her A/W 2015/16 Collection in the other hand is literally working
with relicts. She found old Persian fur coats in a market in Belgium. The oldest ones
are from twenties. Than she had to restore the fur, leather and lining. From these
preserved pieces she had created new designs. Persian fur comes from little lambs
of Karakul sheep, the finest fur even from unborn cattle... This is of course ethically
unacceptable. To work with such a precious material, reminds of creatures once living
their short lives, means to extend the existence of their physical presence.

Thinking about the original fur coat owners also leads our thoughts into the troubled
Europian history of the twentieth century. I recalled child memory of watching
the historical documentary about the Second World war. There were pictures of
a body parts sorted in piles. Germans used dead bodies from the concentration
camps for further production, such as making soap, fine leather, matraces from hair....
Recalling that picture in my mind, the jewelry collection of a body parts has got another
possible meaning....

Photograher Karin Zadrick was able to express these interpretations in her
photography exceptionally well, I was very moved to see them for the first time.
The human figure is emerging form the shadow, showing fragments of a human figure
in dialog with the jewelry. The  dentity of the posing model is wiped out by covering
the face with hair, playing with dressing her purposely in non logical way. It is hard
to read the orientation of a body form on the photos, The safe understanding of a reality
is compromised...