augmented reality, site specific installation

These are proposals for site specific installations of virtual sculptures seen in augmented reality. The area of display is Hudson Yard, a newly developed section of Manhattan. This project was created in collaboration with High Line Nine Gallery but so far has not been installed on site. 



This natural formation reflects, twists and distorts the façade of the large building. It is a parasite in the rectangular urban environment. I wanted to create a parasitic element, which is in contrast with the city environment. I see it placed on the façade
of an existing building. There will be  
references in the texture of the piece to glass windows, right angular architecture. All is broken in anamorphic wild form. In this piece I cross-breed the nature and man-made artificial environment, to draw the line between those two realms is impossible.

Visualization of the Appearance cast in aluminium

This piece has a form of a funnel, of tornado, natural occurrence, which manifests the hidden power of processes in nature. It is the connection between the Earth and the Sky, referring to limited human ability to predict the future. It shows
and disappears. I decided to show the form  
in the red colour, which is the symbol of the blood, passion, violence - all these concepts are connected to human existential experience.  I want to point at very close relationship between nature and human lives, forming the history and uncertain future.

Embodiment of the Sky

In my proposal I am responding to the theme of fusing natural and urban environments. I tried to find the shape of natural formation. We admire the wrinkles on the surfaces of twisted branches and roots, recording the movement of a growth of an organic structure.
These formations were always the source of wonder for people, igniting imagination, being collected and kept as exceptional objects. This human behaviour can be seen
in Western tradition and Eastern as well. In
in the Asian tradition even more articulated (Scholar’s Stones). 
Sculpture mimics aged tree trunk and has a proportion of human figure in the position of Atlas, who in Greek mythology holds the sky above the ground.
I see the sculpture in a semi -reflective sky blue colour.  It connects heaven and earth visually, as a materialized cloud. The surface also reflects the environment, thus the sculpture is anchored to the ground.