Cararra marble, motion track by VEKVA System (created by Jiri Chmelik),  robotic  carving 
This project was realized at the Digital Stone Project Workshop 2014 at Garfagnana inovazione,
Gramolazzo, Tuskany, IT.
On permanent view at the Grounds for Sculpture, NJ, USA

Rector’s Award, MAsaryk University, 2015

model of the body. Drawing is the trajectory of such a gesture leaving mark in the space and time. It is creates certain visual structure of human behavior.

For the project I am the Venus I decided to use myself as a template for the series of female figures. They are modified by an unintentional movement of my body. The possibility of endless variations demonstrates the essence of female form – my body acquires
the archetypal quality. 
The shape, size and scale I associate with paleolitic Venuses which had spiritual meaning and were carried around. For that reason I 3D print series of these figures in a scale which relates to the prehistoric sculpture.