Carrara marble - Breccia Violetta

DIgital Stone Project 2022, Residency 28. 5.- 25. 6. 2022
in collaboration with Garfagnana inovazione, Gramolazzo, IT

Followed up by the exhibition at the Giussepe Bonelli Gallery in Pietrasanta, IT


This project realized in stone is follow up of the project OBJECTIFICATION OF A THOUGHT. The form was partially generated using EEG data (recording of the brain activity] to form the trajectory in the virtual space (authorial software by Jakub Valtar) which became the base of the form. This experimental approach created unexpected outcomes.

I chose for the realization of the marble piece with robotic milling the complex organic form, which viewers associate with the notion of the living  
creature entwined into-itself. I reffer to thoughts of Daniel Hillis who describes present time as an Era of Entanglement where our understanding of how the world functions slips away.

I try to connect traditional media with methods of digital sculpting which offer not only new ways of fabricating an object, but also open a very new possibility of thinking about a sculpture in a conceptual way. This is  
a moment where other data can be broad in and inform the three-dimensional form. Those objects I see as containers of converted information freed from the digital medium.  A digital sculpture can be represented also as virtual which adds to the complexity of potentials of digital sculpture. I can choose the representation thus also juxtaposing the various nature of visuality.

photo: Silvia Martinelli


in work in progress, working area at the Digital Stone Project residency, Gramolazzo, IT

at the Giuseppe Bonelli Gallery Pietrasanta, IT