CT Scan, 3D print

This is an artificial egg I have made. There is very complex structure inside, which
is of course visually inaccessible. To create this model in material was possible 
only through 3D printing. In that sense it is very novel object.

The inside can be viewed only through the other methods of imagining such
as XRay or CT Scan, digital rendering of the digital model. What intrigues me
is the fact that I will not be ever accessmy creation, it can be only
represented by other means I have mentioned above. It is the embodiment of a secret.

The egg has very strong symbolic meaning. It is the symbol of the beginning of
the world, of life, of the universe in many mythologies. It also symbolizes
immaculate conception in the Christian tradition.  I have this symbol stuck
in my mind thanks to the renaissance painting Brera Madonna , I always
wondered why the egg is hanging above the Madonna’s head in that painting.

This project is about the inaccessible information which we try to access in
different way. The piece was treated as a living object -  it was CT scanned. 

The inside organic structure is organized symmetrically. The symmetrical image is
evoking wide range of association. I try to relate this project to the Rorschach inkblot test. 

Each symmetrical variation or section of a 3D model can be understood as an incubator
of associations, recalled memories etc., thus this shape is also the symbol of birth not
only in its biological sense, but also is an expression of a deep human creativity,
an ability to relate to an image through associations.