Helena Lukasova is born in Brno, Czech Republic. Currently she is teaching at the Faculty of Informatics Masaryk University Brno where she is the head of The Studio of Graphic Design and Multimedia. Helena Lukasova holds a Ph.D. from the Academy of Fine Art and Design, Bratislava 2005 – 2009. The focus of her studies was on digital sculpture. She holds a Master ‘ s degree in sculpture, from the Academy of Fine Art and Design, Bratislava, SK, 1990 – 96 . She also studied and worked at the Johnson Atelier - Technical Institute of Sculpture, N.J., where she witnessed the power of digital fabrication first hand an experience that defined her further direction. 

She has numerous exhibitions. Most recently her work was at GASK in the Czech Republic in Tranforma/The Bone Phone in summer of 2017. Her work “ I am Venus ” is on permanent display at Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ. She was a micro resident at the Center for New Art at William Paterson University where she realized  robotic sculptures generated from her own brain wave patterns. She has also realized jewelry projects at the Museum of Applied Arts in Brno, CZ.


HeVe is a collaborative sister duo sculptor Helena Lukasova and photographer Veronika Lukasova.


As an artist, I am interested in the possibilities of how digital media can capture the physicality of the human body . I have recorded my own body movement through digital motion capture, where gestures leave a trail in space and time becoming the basis for unique 3D forms. I have also experimented with customised EEG software to visualise brain waves . These projects have then been digitally re -fabricated with 3D printing, CNC machining and robotic milling bringing the forms into the world once again . 

I treat the resulting sculptural forms as living objects in their own right. This approach to sculpture, derived from such unexpected sources, fundamentally changes our understanding of a traditional form . While the binary nature of digital media in my work generates new representations, the physical and mental capacity of a human body, its sexuality and mortality remains the same. This raises questions about how we might cope with the limits of our physical existence in the information age, what will be remembered and what is important..