pattern design + AR content
Collaborative project with fashion designer Lada Vyvialova
photo: Veronika Lukasova

This project combines pineering presentation of fashion in collection AUVERSUM.  The pattern printed on fabric is created as an environmet in virtual digital space.  The complexity of the pattern cannot be achieve by traditional 2d thinking about the pattern.

The pattern is enriched by the virtual content in Augmented Reality where its parts are displayed.  The blend of physical and virtual reality adds to an appearance of the wearer. 
The collection has also some elements traslated to accesories through 3d printing such as earings, headbands, bracelets.

This experiment has its predecessor in experiments in costum theatre designs by Dada and Bauhaus artist where they have very sculptural geometrical forms. As a sculptor I am always looking at how the form is complementing the form of the human figure.  
Based on the philosiophy of sustainability the collection is made out of special certified nano-material with excelent qualities and durability. It is hyppoalergic, great in any weather condition for its thermolaguratory qualities,  offers UV protection,  it is anti-bacterial and stainless.




AUVERSUM web created by Creadot