collaborative project with Michael Rees
3d scan, 3d print chrome plated
photo: Veronika Lukasova

Michael Rees we discussed a lot the significance of a 3,500-year-old Chinese divination bone that had been ritually burned. The fissures caused by the intense heat allowed those present at the divination to see into the future. The prophesy was then carved into the bone’s surface and kept.

The uncovering  of the burial places in China where many of these bones were found changes their meaning. For us they are not transmitter into the future but we view them as  historical record of early writing. 

The object straddlestime and space and is an excellent representationof the complicated nature of the above-describedrelationships. An enlarged replica of the bone witha mirror-like surface that reflects its surroundingsforms a part of the exhibition. It becomes strange object, with no relevance to the surrounding world.

In this setting the meaning is changed. Highly reflective surface interracts with the environmet. There  is the Oracle Bone confronted with LED display  WHATEVER IS NOT SAID MATTERS. Moving red reflection is like a fire used for oracle in the acient China. It is
the reflection of dialog between AI and human which reffers to
the very serious topic relating to human future.