2017 - 19

3d print, chrome plated

Presented at the solo show MILUJI VECI, MLCENLIVE SOUDRUHY
Pitevna Gallery,
Masaryk University, Brno , CZ
20. 2. - 29. 3. 2019
curators: Petr Kamenicky and Marketa Zackova

This object was created as a part of the collaborative project Trans_Forma / The Bone Phone with Michael Rees.  In the presentation at this exhibition the object has got a prominent presentation within its own setup environment.

The starting point was the model from NASA collection of asteroid Geopraphos which is one of the closest space objects to the Earth. This huge mass of rock roams very close to the Earth periodically which could possibly result in the collision with our planet in the future.

Asteroid has a shape of a cocoon, I associate this object with metamorphosis, changing a phase of a matter. There is also
blurred border between so-called inanimate and living nature.
The surface is covered with memory circuits which I understand as a symbol of the human world. It is like ‘’branding an animal to  show the ownership.’’

Object is placed into the dark liquid which leads my thinking towards the relations between the object and the environment. This functions as ‘’ a space inbetween’’ such as in Zen garden natural objects are surrounded by a very controlled symbolic landscape representing the concept of the Universe.

photo: Michaela Dvorakova


view of the installation at the exhibition
photo: Michaela Dvorakova

Changed landscape of Asteroid installation which manifests natural process during the time of the exhibition at Pitevna Gallery, CZ.

During the course of a month  the liquid changed its consistency, creating coagulated clusters. I welcomed this natural process. The matter was transforming.  I could observe the changing conditions in which the Asteroid was nested. 

     Images of the glass container and Asteroid during deinstallation

I started to think about how the piece is being presented. What is happening with the art pieces in times of not being exhibited? That is so much time they do not exist for the human eye covered in bubble wrap stored on the shelf. How much attention they get just before and after the show, where are they placed in relation to the creator?

As I was removing the liquid from the glass container I paid attention to the left sediments on the sides. I looked through them trying to find a glimpse of Asteroid. This method of the observation had changed the relations between me and the object dramatically. I looked through the emptiness and dirt into the space which looked rather like a room  from my point of view.
I took many pictures. The fragmentation of Asteroid in photos really interested me. I feel like I found another layer of its presence. The last image of circular form is the back reflection of the glass. I took unwanted selfies with the eye of my own lense..

I put the Asteroid on the paper letting to drain excessive liquid from the inside to observe further the natural process without my intervention. The puddle eventually dried.  It is the mark of the process of transition.