Series of fifteen masks for2014 Denisa Nova’s S/S 2014 fashion collection
3d prints

photo: Karin Zadrick
Printed by PrintedNest

Nominated for the 3D Print Show Global Award, London 2014.

This collection of masks was inspired by the organic structure od Cordyceps Fungus which is
parasitic fungy attacking selected species of insect.  As the cordyceps grows on the body
it also modifies the  behavior of the host turning him into a zombee. 

Final 3d prints simulate organic structures growing through the process of printing.
The evolution process was intentionally modified throught speed,temperature, and position,
thus different mutation of the source file was created. 

The error became part of the matrix of the sctructure, its DNA. The structure can be cloned,
multiplied, modified in the state of the virtual creation but in the process of its materialization
as well. The symbiotic relation between  creation and growth is fulfilled. Each mask is unique, 
all of them are related through their common origin.