proposal for cite specific augmented reality installation

art group Hever (Helena + Veronika Lukasovas)

In this project we are moving part of the world to be viewed in a distant location. Virtual model of  Mount Everest, the highest peak of the world suddenly appears growing up in the urban space of old Green Market Square in Brno, CZ.  But very soon after taking over the square it is slowly melting back down to the ground.

Augmented reality installation will be accessible online and will be viewed on smart devices. The site was selected for its possibilities to view the augmented reality 
installation from different perspectives since it is slope square and also the roof of the market place building is accessible to the public.

In this project we want to investigate the nature of virtuality in the physical environment. The virtual mountain peak viewed in augmented reality can be compared to mirage, it is there in front of our eyes yet unaccessible.  But still we can walk around looking up gaining real experience.  
This geographical mish-mash talks about the disconnection of the physical and virtual realm. It creates an overwhelming unexpected visual experience showing natural formation in a strictly controlled city environment.